AndYu ata grass baskets and bags

Introducing a beautiful life with ata baskets and bags

  History behind AndYu products 

Some 30 years ago, a sole Japanese female travelled to the islands of Nusa Tenggara in search of old tales of Indonesia.
During her travels, she was mesmerized by a grass basket hanging from the eaves of the home in a village she passed through.
The basket was a glossy, golden basket made from ata grass with an intricate weave and a color reminiscent of the straw hats she often wore as a child.
Spellbound by the beautiful ata basket, it remained in her mind after returning to Japan and at length she opened her own company selling ata grass products.

  Ata grass baskets are a gift from nature  

The material, “Ata” is also known as “Ketak” and is part of the fern family native to limited regions of Indonesia.
Grown in the beautiful natural environment of Indonesia,
“Ata” is transformed into beautiful ata baskets following a painstaking process of weaving individual reeds in an art
that has been passed down through the generations to village craftsmen.

  Our aim  

All of our ata baskets are made completely by hand.
As a result, they possess a warmth and texture that cannot be achieved with machines.
It was our ultimate aim to provide a little warmth and texture in this day of increasing mechanization and with this in mind,
we have continued to create a variety of items tailor-made to customer needs and currently offer over 600 products.
We travel to the local area in between a busy sales schedule to meet with staff and inspect each individual product to ensure we deliver optimum quality.
Through these beautiful ata baskets, we hope to deliver products that you will love while also offering a sense of worth and happiness to the Indonesian people
who make them and us, the Japanese who are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to sell these amazing products.